Beware, this offer is a fake!

Oferta de trabajo falsa en Colombia

Through the whistleblower channel on our website, we have received information from a person who has been invited to participate in a job selection process supposedly carried out by Ynfiniti Energy in Colombia.

To participate in the alleged process they request a payment in advanced of a certain amount and send the receipt to the e-mail indicated in the offer.

Ynfiniti Energy declares the falsehood of the process and wantss to make it clear that the company never requires any payment to participate in the job selection processes it carries out. On the other hand, we announce that we will use all the means at our disposal to identify and sue its authors for the improper and illegal use of the image of Ynfiniti Energy.

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Ynfiniti Global Energy Services S.L.U. (12 February 2021)

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